IEA International Conference 
Stockholm 3 - 6 September 2020

Pre-conference Thursday 3 September

27 - 29 May, 2022 - hopefully 


  • Early bird - until February 15, 2020 - SEK 4990
  • Pre-conference - SEK 1790
  • Standard price conference - SEK 5990
  • Group discounts available - email for information
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About the Clarion Hotel Sign, Stockholm

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We know what we are, but know not what we may be. 

William Shakespeare

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The theme of the conference is "Together we get the difference".

Not many communities get and value the depth, importance and gift of our being different in the way that the Enneagram community does. It's through our contrasts that we shine the most, it's how we appreciate the value that each and everyone of us bring to the world. And it's also how we can grow as individuals when we see and are inspired how others approach life and its many challenges and joys.

The Scandinavian conference committee is excited to have this opportunity to show how we can work together and make the best of our differences at this regional conference. We're people from Sweden, Norway and Denmark and we're all working hard for you to have a great conference. 

We promise to keep you updated on the latest events and we encourage you to sign up for the news as they develop.

Please - come to Stockholm in September, 2020 and show the rest of the world how we not only get the difference but how we also make the most of it. 

Anna-Lena Wihlborg, Conference Chair


Anna-Lena Wihlborg, Conference Chair


The program 

It will be subject to minor changes along the way

Pre-conference day -
3 September, 2020:
Horizontal and Vertical Methods of Change

Tom and Russ will offer a special workshop applying knowledge of the Enneagram to personal transformation. The workshop will explore two different directions to change and development - Horizontal and Vertical.

Horizontal Change focuses on developing new skills—personal, professional, and relational; acquiring different behaviors, practices and ways of solving real world problems. We learn to strengthen our inner resources to help us lead more satisfying, successful and complete lives.

Vertical Change is about arriving at a deeper understanding of who we really are—realizing we are different and much more than our personality and self-concept. We discover many unsuspected capacities, but also how we are driven by largely unconscious patterns.

Vertical development asks that we dive deep below our usual threshold of awareness, to discover and loosen the feelings, energies and core experiences that hold our Enneagram patterns in place.

Russ and Tom will offer powerful methods to relax the grip of these unconscious holding patterns, to evoke and amplify your direct sensory experience of presence and essence.



Tom Condon

Russ Hudson

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       Tom Condon                        Russ Hudson
Clarion Hotel Sign, Sverige
Ostra Jarnvagsgatan 35, Stockholm, Sverige
Tel: +46 8 676 98 00


The requirements for the discounts (both early bird and standard price) are the following:

  • Gather a group of at least ten people

  • Collect their e-mail-adresses and send them to enneaconf(a)gmail.com

  •  Each will then receive the appropriate link for payment


Please note the following:

  • Only people who’ve received a link directly from the above e-mail address are  allowed to use it. Others will have their payments returned minus the transaction fees.

  • The discount only goes for the conference – not the pre-conference day

  • Tickets for the pre-conference day are sold separately




Best location in Stockholm

The Clarion Hotel Sign is located in central Stockholm, close to shopping, theatres, restaurants, clubs and bars. You'll be just a few minutes from Stockholm Central Station, metro, trains, buses and the Arlanda Express.

Scandinavian design and architecture

Guests can admire wonderful Scandinavian design, art and architecture all over the hotel. Designed by architect Gert Wingårdh, the hotel features a lot of granite and glass to reflect the bustling city life and the green park outside. Inside the spectacular facade, you'll find materials such as clear, white, smoke and amber-coloured glass, wood, leather, stone and glazed ceramics. Imagine this in combination with plants and innovative lighting, and you’ll get a sense of what awaits you here at the hotel. 

The different floors and hotel rooms are characterised by world-famous design icons including Arne Jacobsen, Bruno Mathsson, Alvar Aalto and Poul Wolther. Decide whether you'd like to spend a night - or two - on the Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish or Danish floor. It's up to you!


Other hotels?

You may wish to stay in a different hotel than Clarion Sign and that would be no problem.


The venue is situated downtown Stockholm and there are many hotels in the immediate neighbourhood. To the right are a number of options that you may want to explore. 



The prices mentioned are based on a web search early January 2020. And there are probably seasonal changes. 

Other options




  • City Hostel  495;-/680:-, 241:- for a bed in a 12-bed room


Important dates

Book conference dates - September 3-6, 2020
Early bird price before February15th, 2020
Deadline for presenters: Nov. 15th
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