The theme of the conference is "Together we get the difference".

Not many communities get and value the depth, importance and gift of our being different in the way that the Enneagram community does. It's through our contrasts that we shine the most, it's how we appreciate the value that each and everyone of us bring to the world. And it's also how we can grow as individuals when we see and are inspired how others approach life and its many challenges and joys.

The Scandinavian conference committee is excited to have this opportunity to show how we can work together and make the best of our differences. We're people from Sweden, Norway and Denmark and we're all working hard for you to have a great conference. 

We promise to keep you updated on the latest events and we encourage you to sign up for the news as they develop.

Please - come to Stockholm in September, 2020 and show the rest of the world how we not only get the difference but how we also make the most of it. 

Anna-Lena Wihlborg, Conference Chair

Anna-Lena Wihlborg, Conference Chair

Together we get the difference

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