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We are challenged by difficult circumstances worldwide for the time being. A serious virus has affected big parts of the population of the world, still spreading both locally and to new parts of the globe.

The IEA Conference group of Sweden, Denmark and Norway have been forced to discuss the planned IEA Stockholm 2020 Conference as we face the situation with great concern. We worry for our fellow Enneagram friends and relations around the world who may be suffering under the circumstances, and locally we are aware that we must do whatever we can to limit and prevent the disease from spreading even further.

“Together we get the difference” is the theme of the conference, and this seems to be truer than ever. Apart, we must stay together and create a difference in terms of coping with the conditions.

As the coming weeks and months are so uncertain and no one can foresee how the disease will develop, we have been compelled to decide whether to carry on and make the conference happen or not. We have unanimously agreed that we will NOT be completing our plans and have the IEA Stockholm 2020 Conference come to realization. The conditions are too uncertain, everyone’s finances are suffering, and we all have to find stable ground again after this is over.

So, we are very sorry to let you know that we have decided to cancel the IEA Stockholm 2020 Conference in September. We do wish to be hosting a future conference in the Nordic region, and we look forward to reviving the work that we have already put a lot of effort into when the situation has improved

The IEA affiliates in Sweden, Denmark and Norway along with IEA Global will be covering all costs so far spent for the conference planning.

Presenter – if you were to be a presenter at this conference and have already paid, you will have your paid participation fee refunded (except from a transfer fee from the provider of our sign-up system). We hope that you will be willing and able to join us at a future conference, presenting your favorite Enneagram topic and share it with others live and in the important exchange where “together we get the difference”. We will be in contact when the time is right.

Participant – if you were signed up for the conference and have already paid your participant fee, you will have your paid participation fee refunded (except from a transfer fee from the provider of our sign-up system). We are very sorry if you have already made travel plans and bought flight tickets etc., unfortunately, we will not be able to cover those expenses. You will also have to deal with any hotel bookings yourself.

We do hope for your understanding in our decision. We of all people are disappointed and sad that we have been forced to make this decision, however, the whole conference group agrees and is willing to commit to step in again in the future for a new conference planning.

Take care! We look forward to seeing your in Stockholm whenever the time is right.

Best regards

IEA Stockholm 2020 Enneagram Conference Committee

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